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The Archives at WalVisions  -  Early Projection Literature

The Archives  -  Home and Index

These archive pages replicate some of the original video projection literature from Advent, Kloss Video and AmPro. While large screen projection is relatively commonplace in home theater today, it was much more of a niche market in the 1970s through the 1990s.  Nevertheless, the giant screen had a similar impact to that of today - the then current state of the art television could be enhanced and expanded to life size, and the video experience was elevated from a "TV" level to a theater level.  We hope that by making these pages available we can allow the reader to take a short step back in time to feel some of the excitement and options that the early home theater enthusiasts enjoyed.

Please note that here at WalVisions we have expertise in many of the projectors listed in these archives, and in several cases have access to both parts and used projectors.  In some cases we would also be willing to act as a intermediary to bring together those who might want to find a home for an older projector with those who might want to make a home, or get spare parts, for such a projector.  For more information, contact Walter here.





Advent Literature

Advent Loudspeakers

Popular Science Article

Prelim VB Literature

Final VB Literature


8 Page VB Handout

4 Page Handout

2 Page Handout

VideoBeam 750


TV Guide Article - First Production Projector

"New York" Media Room

NY Sunday News Article




Kloss Video Literature

NovaBeam Model One

Model One Ad Copy

Model One Ad Copy

1, 1A, 2 Reviews


Models One-A and Two

NovaBeam Model Two

NovaBeam Model OneA

Catalog - 1984


NovaBeam Model 100

Video - NB 100

Leisure - NB 100

Sat Orbit - NB 100


Videography - NB 100

VideoBeam 2000

VideoBeam 3000

VideoBeam Graphics


The Videophile - NB One

Kloss Video - Engineering    



AmPro Literature

VideoBeam Products AmPro Products 1100 1200
2000 2600 3300 4300
3600 3600 Retro 3600 Widescreen Retro 4600
ALICE 5000 ALICE 5000/5200 ALICE 5500 ALICE Retro
LDC-100 LCD-150 LCD-151 LCD-160

ANI 300

Light Valve - 7100/7200

3600 Module



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